It is really important to us that you feel fully informed about what goes on at St Catherine's Pre-school, and we try very hard to pass on as much information to you in as many ways as possible

PROGRESS APPOINTMENTS: You can make an appointment to see your child's key person at any time. Just fill in an appointments slip (one can be found at the bottom of the page), pop a note in our letter box, e-mail the office or have a chat to a member of staff. These can be made ay any point during the year, and we are always happy to discuss any concerns, answer questions or discuss progress. Your child's Learning Journey can be borrowed and taken home overnight.

WOW SLIPS: When your child starts, you will be given a sheet of Wow slips. Please use these to let us know about your child's personal achievements and progress, this can be anything from sleeping in their own bed all night, being kind to a sibling, trying a new food, anything goes...and we can share their success with them!

SHARED CARE: If your child has a carer or attends another setting such as a day nursery or childminder we will give you a small notebook to carry between the two.  This will keep information flowing between the carers/settings including yourselves.  Please jot down anything you think may be of help or interest, eg, a bad night’s sleep, being very excited about something, toileting successes etc 

FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM: Remember to ‘like’ our Facebook page as we will post reminders and information on the page, together with photos of what we have been up to that week.  No personal information is included and all photos are carefully cropped so children cannot be identified. Staff are advised not to make or accept friend requests with parents/carers on networking sites such as Facebook.  Profile pages can contain material which staff might not wish to share with parents or may have comments added by friends or family which again they may wish to keep private.  We hope you will understand this.

You can also follow the pre-school on Instagram 


As well as our Facebook page please remember to check:

DIGITAL PHOTOFRAME:  There is a photo frame in the office window which you can view from outside.  It will run a stream of photos from the previous week so do have a peek each week.  

EMAIL OBSERVATIONS:  From time to time, your key person will send you an email with a photo and small observation of what your child has been doing that day.  Your key person would love to know how that links in with what your child is doing, playing or learning at home.  You may want to add a photo from home or tell us about other things that capture your child's interest at home.

Parent progress slips.pdf