Snacks & Lunches

Diet and nutrition are extremely important in the health, growth and development of your child and we encourage good eating habits at an early stage. 

Poor nutrition and poor eating habits can have an adverse effect on children's behavior and physical ability, so it is important to offer a variety of foods with a good nutritional balance.


Lunch session

DAYS AND TIMES: 12:10 to 12.40 (Monday to Friday)

lunchbox ideas





There are some excellent lunch box ideas and more information on:

healthy options

Food allergens...

Current food labelling regulations mean we must inform you if any of the 14 allergens listed below are contained in food and/or drinks supplied by the pre-school.

See the Snack and Allergen list below for full details. The allergens are highlighted in bold print (eg, Milk).

Below you will find our list of regular snacks. The allergens are highlighted in bold print (eg, Milk).

It is important to let us know if your child has any food allergies or intolerances, or develops any in the future

Details of the current week’s snack are posted on the whiteboard outside the entrance.

Children who are known to have allergies will not be offered anything they shouldn't consume.  

Recipes will be checked for allergens and substitutions made as needed, eg, dairy free spread for butter or oat milk for cows milk.

Details of foods and ingredients used in Bake & Share Lunches will be included in the consent letter for the lunch.  

We will provide details of the food being provided for the Christmas Party.

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