Sessions, Fees and Funding

Pre-school is open every day (Monday to Friday) during term-time from 8.10 am to 3.10 pm.

The day is split into sessions as set out below, together with fees (fees are subject to change).

The Pre-school is closed for school holidays and Bank Holidays but tries to stay open on ‘snow days’.

Children may attend for either mornings, afternoons, all day or a combination of these. Hours are currently charged at a rate of £5.25 per hour.

Please note our hourly rate will increase from 1st September 2022 to £6.00 per hour.

Our Early drop-off club may be used from 8:10am when attending with a morning slot.

INVOICING: The fees are invoiced monthly and are payable at the end of the month for which they are due

Session times and costs_April 2022.docx

INVOICING: The fees are invoiced monthly and are payable at the end of the month for which they are due


GOVERNMENT FUNDING: The Pre-school is registered to receive Government funding which covers 38 weeks per year. From the term following his/her third birthday, every child is entitled to 15 hours of pre-school education per week, which includes the lunch period and early drop off. The pre-school can deal with this funding claim for you and will ask you to sign an agreement and claim form once a term. Additional fees will be payable for any hours or part hours over and above the funded 15 hours.

15 hours of funding has been extended to a limited number of two year olds but you will need to check you are eligible and apply through the following website:

Some families may be eligible for ‘Extended Free Early Education’ which increases the number of funded hours to 30 per week. Any hours you select over 30 will be charged at a rate of £5.25.

  • You could get up to 30 hours funded childcare in total if you and your partner (if you have one) work full or part-time hours.

  • You could still be eligible, even if you're on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or if you're unable to work.

Further information on the 30 funded hours and other childcare funding (eg, Tax-Free Childcare and Tax Credits) options can be found here:

Parents can apply through the Childcare Choices website:

If your child will be doing over 15 hours per week during the next academic year (from September 2021), and you think you will be eligible for funding to 30 hours, then you need to visit the website above, become familiar with the information and start your application.




If you are planning a holiday, please complete the form below and return it to pre school as soon as possible. If you claim early education funding, you are responsible for ensuring that your child uses their funded hours on a regular weekly basis.

Fees will still be charged during periods of absence for hours over and above funded hours or for children who do not yet claim funding.

Holiday Form 2021.doc


If your child is feeling unwell then please arrange for them to stay at home.

Please also

  • Inform us that your child will not be attending their usual session/s as soon as possible and the reason for this.

  • Ensure your child stays at home for the first 48 hours after starting antibiotics, and contact the pre school leader to discuss their return to pre school.

  • Ensure your child does not return to pre school until 48hrs after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.