Policies and Procedures

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The Pre-school does have an Employee Handbook which sets out guidance, and policies and procedures for members of staff, this includes content regarding staff conduct. Every member of staff is expected to read, understand and comply with the provisions of this handbook.

First Aid Policy July 19.docx
AcceptableUseofTechnologiesPolicy NOV 19.docx
Coronavirus vaccine policy April 2021.docx
Data protection policy for service users - May 19.docx
Admissions Policy COVID-19 June 2021.docx
Animals in the Setting Jan 2021.docx
Allergies Sickness and Infections June2021.docx
Complaints policy NOV 19.doc
Collection & Missing policy January 2021.docx
Confidentiality Policy and Procedure Nov 2020.doc
Evacuation Procedure Aug 2020.docx
Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation Oct 19.docx
Equal Opportunities Policy March 2020.docx
Conflict of Interest Policy Nov 2020.docx
MedicinesPolicy NOV 19.docx
No smoking policy June2021.docx
Intimate Care Policy January 2021.docx
Lockdown Policy Oct 19.docx
Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras Policy Oct 19.docx
ParentalPartnershippolicy Jan21.docx
Reserve Policy June2021.docx
Supervision Policy June 2021.docx
Retention of Records Policy June2021.docx
Whistle Blowing Policy NOV 19.docx
Staff code of conduct July 19.doc
Nutritionpolicy Jan2021.docx
Recruitmentpolicy June2021.docx
Settling policy Jan 2020.doc
Student Placement Policy March 2020.docx
PreventDutyPolicy Oct 19.docx
SEND policy June 2021.docx
Outings Policy Jan 2020.doc