Your child must STAY AT HOME:

    If they are unwell and/or have a high temperature;

    If they have symptoms of a respiratory infection (including Covid-19) and a high temperature or feel unwell; 

    If they have tested positive for Covid-19, with or without symptoms, remain at home for a minimum of three full days and only return if they are well and do not have a temperature.

    For the first 48 hours after starting antibiotics - their return should be agreed with the pre-school leader;

    Until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.


Please keep your child at home if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in your household as this will help to prevent Covid-19 spreading through the pre-school. 

If your child is unwell or not feeling themselves, it is much better for them to be at home.  If in doubt, please contact pre-school for advice.

Remember to tell us if your child has any medicine at home before coming to pre-school, including paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Data Protection

St Catherines Pre School is aware of its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to processing your data securely and transparently. Please see our Data Protecion Policy and the privacy notice within your welcome pack for detailed information. 

Safeguarding Children

We aim to create an environment which promotes and safeguards the welfare of children. This includes protecting children from maltreatment, preventing the impairment of children's health or development and ensuring that children are being provided with safe and effective care as they grow up. We have a duty to refer any allegations, complain or concern received relating to a child to Children's Services or the police.

Internet Safety

Tips on internet safety