November 2020


       Warm waterproof coat (that can get muddy), hat, 2 pairs gloves, thick socks

       Spare nappies and wipes (if needed)

       Small plastic or metal lunchbox (no soft lunch bags) for wiping and easy storage;

       We provide cutlery and drinks;

       No nuts or nut products in lunchboxes;

       Names on coats, bags, wellies, lunchboxes, hats, sweatshirts etc. 

       Please tell us if your child has had any medicine at home before coming to pre-school, including paracetamol or ibuprofen.

       Children should stay at home for the first 48 hours after starting antibiotics and their return to pre-school should be agreed with the pre-school leader.

       Children cannot return to pre-school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.


     Only one parent/carer when dropping off or collecting;

     Parents/carers must wear a mask or face covering on school premises;

     Wait 2 metres apart outside the pre-school;

     Leave lunch boxes on the trolley outside and collect from there later

     Notes/payments can be left with staff on the door or posted in the black letterbox (sanitise hands before and after).

     Notify pre-school immediately if your child is displaying any coronavirus symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough or loss/change in sense of smell or taste) and/or they are having a test.  Let us know the result.

     All members of your household must follow current regulations and guidance regarding self-isolation and engage with Test and Trace. 

     If someone in your household displays symptoms and/or tests positive, your child cannot attend pre-school. 

     Go to the NHS website for further information:

KEEPING IN TOUCH: We are using a variety of ways to keep in touch with you so please remember to check your child’s clip, email inboxes, Facebook and the outdoor noticeboard.  There may be times when information does not get through so please ask if you are unsure about anything.  Photos are occasionally posted on our Instagram account too.  

PARKING: The school has asked us to remind pre-school parents not to park or turn in front of the school gates or to block them in any way.  As part of the school’s pandemic procedures, school children are having to use both sets of gates to enter/leave the school and there have been some potentially dangerous incidents.  Please be respectful towards school staff - they are doing a very difficult job at the moment.

LEAVING PROMPTLY: For the time being, please make sure you leave the school premises promptly and do not stop to chat with other parents.  We know this must be difficult as the opportunities to socialise are limited for all of us at the moment but it will help to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19. 

WELLIES: Further improvements have been made inside so there is more space for storage and for getting changed into outdoor gear.  Instead of keeping lots and lots of spare wellies (sprayed after use with Milton) we will be allocating each child a pair of our wellies which can be kept under their peg.  You are welcome to provide a pair to keep at pre-school if you would prefer. There will still be spares for emergencies and to replace boots that have been outgrown.

COATS: need to be properly waterproof so that rain runs off and does not soak in.

SPARE CLOTHES: When your child needs extra spare clothes we will either put a note on their clip outside or send their bag home to be re-filled.  Please include several pairs of socks and spare gloves/mittens. 

FEES will not be charged for the week-long closure period (2 to 6 November) and the committee will not be asking for a contribution on this occasion.  We know that many families are finding it difficult financially and may be worried about job security.  Instead, please support our fundraising efforts and share Memories for Money with family and friends.  Money raised can be paid into our Crowdfunding account at

BAG2SCHOOL raised £165


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM): The AGM went well using Zoom and we now have a new committee comprising of Holly Barwick (Chairperson), Holly Noble (Secretary), Amy Gibbs (Treasurer), Emma Burt, Jo Pitcher, Kate Middleton, Alice Chutter, Stef Condliffe, Emma Thomas, Ollie Barwick and Mel Gale.

STAFF CHANGES: There will be some staffing changes this term and once all the checks and references have been completed, I will confirm these.  The post of Administrator has been filled and we also have someone new joining our relief staff.  Sadly Jo is stepping down for the short term so she can care for a family member.  We very much hope that Jo will return eventually as she is a very well-respected and well-liked member of the team.  

PROGRESS APPOINTMENTS: Please make an appointment with your key person by using the attached letter.  These will be held using Zoom. 

WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS: Wednesday 11 November at 7.30 pm (Zoom) has been set for Part One of an Early Literacy workshop for parents.  Please complete the slip below if you want to join in via Zoom.

SCHOOL ADMISSIONS:  Please make sure you have applied for a Primary School place if your child is due to start school in September 2021 (birthdays that fall between 01.09.16 and 31.08.17).  The closing date for applications is 15 January 2021.

Please remember that attendance at St Catherine’s Pre-school does not automatically lead to a place at St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School. 

IT’S GOOD TO GIVE: We will be collecting items for Pilsdon Community and delivering them in December.  Donations of warm clothing, footwear, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, toiletries, snacks and treats will be much appreciated.

CHRISTMAS in the pre-school: There will be some further changes this year following the second lockdown. We want to make it special for the children as we know that this Christmas will be unlike any other and many activities, visits or experiences will not be possible.  We will be getting creative so that we can keep some of our pre-school traditions alive.  Usually we would have a Candlelit Singing event and will explore whether we can do this by Zoom.  As always, children are welcome to wear Christmas jumpers or tops to pre-school and staff will do too. 

CHRISTMAS TREE: Last year’s tree was saved to re-use for the Christmas Tree Festival with the theme of Christmas Past, Present and Future.  There is no festival this year so our ‘recycled tree’ will be outside the pre-school entrance and we would love you to add to the tree.  May be a handwritten message for the present or future or a home-made or recycled decoration (securely fixed). 

CHRISTMAS PARTIES: A letter will be sent out about the Christmas parties with details about how these will be managed in a Covid-safe way.

CHRISTMAS CARDS: In the run up to Christmas we give every child a piece of card with which to make a Christmas card for the big display board in the playroom.  This card is from them to everyone in the pre-school.  We ask that children do not bring in individual cards for friends as other children can be upset if they do not receive a card.  Sorting out the cards can be time-consuming and it creates a great deal of paper waste.  We have been doing this for many, many years and find it works well.

CANDLELIT SINGING may go ahead using Zoom. Details to follow.


CAN YOU HELP? PRIZES for the Christmas Raffle:  We are collecting prizes for the Christmas Raffle fundraiser.  Can you offer something or know someone who can donate

a prize? If you can donate a prize, have any prize ideas, or have a contact who could donate a something, please let us know.  Thank you


BEACH SESSIONS, COOPER’S CIRCLE and BAKE & SHARE LUNCHES are on hold for the time being

FOREST SCHOOL sessions will be held on the school grounds, subject to weather conditions at the time, eg, wind speed, extreme cold, torrential rain.

Mon 2 November                       Forest School: 1st of 5 sessions on Mon mornings

Wed 4 November                      Forest School: 1st of 5 sessions on Wed mornings

Thurs 17 December                  Last day of Autumn Term

Friday 18 December                  Pre-school Christmas Parties

Monday 4 January                     Start of Spring Term

Mon 15 Feb to Fri 19 Feb           Half term: PRE-SCHOOL CLOSED

Tues 23 February                     Forest School: 1st of 6 sessions on Tuesday mornings

Fri 26 February                        Forest School: 1st of 5 sessions on Friday mornings

Tues 30 March                          Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Thursday 1 April                       Last day of Spring Term

Monday 19 April                        First day of Summer Term

Wed 21 April                            Forest School: 1st of 6 sessions on Wed mornings

Thurs 22 April                          Forest School: 1st of 6 sessions on Thurs mornings

Friday 23 April                         Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Wed 19 May                              Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Thursday 27 May                      Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Mon 31 May to Fri 4 June          Half term: PRE-SCHOOL CLOSED

Mon 7 June                               Forest School: 1st of 6 sessions on Mon mornings

Tues 8 June                              Forest School: 1st of 6 sessions on Tues mornings

Mon 5 July                                Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Tues 13 July                             Forest school session & lunch at Cooper’s Circle

Friday 16 July                           Last day of Summer Term

Monday 19 July                         Leavers’ Picnic (subject to current Covid-19 guidance)

Tuesday 20 July                        Stay & Play sessions for new intake (Sept 2021)