We have followed up using tongs and tweezers by introducing sewing.  The children made necklaces and bracelets by using bodkins (thick blunt needles) to thread wooden beads onto wool. 


The next step was to use regular sewing needles to sew buttons onto binca using embroidery thread.  It is surprising how quickly the children pick this up and quickly come to understand that the needle needs to be pushed through one way and then back through the other way.  Some like to use every hole in the button while others prefer to sew several together on a string.  They are often very particular about which buttons they prefer to use and sifting and sorting through the buttons is a favourite activity. 

Sometimes we just put out the buttons with lots of boxes, tins and purses so the children can spend time examining, filling and emptying.


The children will be learning about shape, size and colour, as well as developing their fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.  These are activities that encourage concentration and perseverance.


Alongside these activities you may have noticed that we have purchased some large plastic colourful tweezers which the children have been using in sand or oats to pick up corks, gems, pasta etc.  This is a great hand-strengthening activity.

Finally, we used the large tapestry frame at Forest School and used bodkins and wool to sew leaves and sticks onto the fabric.  It is in the entrance so please take a look.



·        Make a collection of buttons.  They can be bought fairly reasonably in lots of shops now (eg, the Range) or you could take them off old clothing that is being recycled.  Use them for sorting, counting, sewing or threading.  Ask Granny – she may already have a button box.

·        If you don’t feel brave enough to tackle sewing then try using beads for threading.  Small beads or buttons threaded onto wire can be used to make some beautiful Christmas decorations.