Ice, sand and shingle...

Playing with ice, shingle, sand and water in the large tray (called a tuffspot or builders tray).  The children used polar animal figures.  Some were interested in what happened to the ice and talked about melting and hailstones.


·         Now it’s getting warmer, perhaps you could have ice lollies and talk about melting – remember to mention the ice at pre-school. 

·         Or, your child could fill a container with water (anything from yogurt cartons to rubber gloves) and put it in the freezer.  You could add colour or items to the ice (eg, dinosaurs).  Play with it or just watch what happens.  And if you’re worried about the mess, take it outside to play with.

·         TOP TIP: Put a surprise or treat in a lockable box and freeze the key in the ice (you will need to do this in two steps – freeze bottom half of container, add key, add more water and freeze).  Write a note to leave with the box:

“Dear Finder, The key to this treasure box is trapped inside the ice.  How can we get the key out and unlock the box?”


We also play with the beach scene in the tuffspot and looking at the Beach School scrapbook in readiness for our trips to Charmouth Beach.