Table top games

Playing lots of table top games.  Favourite games include Lucky Ducks, Red Dog Yellow Dog and Shopping List.  All of these are excellent for turn-taking and memorisation. 

IDEAS FOR HOME:  Play picture lotto or pairs.  If your child picks up a card that does not match, then they replace the card but encourage them to remember where it was as they might need it later.  Frosts have packs of transport themed picture pairs on sale for only 99p.  Light and easy to carry if you are out and about.


Maths games have been popular including Snakes and Ladders (1-20) and Domino Spots.  Instead of playing dominoes in the usual way, you count all the spots on both sides of the domino (eg, 1 and 3 = 4) and then place the domino in the square labelled 4.


·        Either of these games would be good for home and are easy to find.  Draw boxes on a plain sheet of A4 and label them 0-12 for Domino Spots.  You may be able to print a copy of Snakes and Ladders from the internet and there is a copy in the Boredom Buster tub being raffled in July.

Practise rolling a dice.  Make it fun and don’t worry if your child needs to count the spots each time as eventually your child will learn to recognise the spot pattern.  Make a ‘lucky dip’ of pieces of paper each with an action written on it, e.g., jump, hop, nod, clap, wink.  Pull an action out of the bag and perform it the number of times rolled on the dice, e.g., 3 jumps, 4 winks.