Making paper...

What did you do today?

We have made paper using a mold and deckle made out of two old picture frames and some net curtain.  The children helped to tear old paper into shreds which were soaked overnight.  The paper was liquidised and kept in a large sieve until needed.  The children added several handfuls of paper mash to a large bowl of water and add extras including flowers and leaves from the garden, glitter, sprinkles and fragments of printed pages.


Each child took a turn to dip the mold and deckle into the water, catching the mash in the frame which they turned out onto a damp cloth to make a single sheet of paper.  It was quite a tricky skill to master but it was surprising how many could manage the process without any help.


Another damp cloth was placed on top and further pieces of new paper and cloth until there was a little stack.  The stack was sandwiched between towels and two pieces of wood.  Two or three children stood on the sandwich to squeeze the water out of the new sheets of paper.  The sandwich was taken apart and the new sheets carefully removed to dry.



  • Try making pressed flowers.  Pick flowers from the garden or while on a walk (Note: some flowers are protected and cannot be picked) and place them between two sheets of absorbent paper such as plain kitchen towel, blotting paper, coffee filters etc.  Place that inside a heavy book or between two books – a phone book or encyclopaedia is perfect but not many homes have these now!  You might need to place a sheet of plain printer paper underneath and on top in case the colour leaches through the kitchen towel.  If the kitchen towel is very padded it may leave an imprint on the flower so no need to buy anything expensive!  Remove after a week and the flower should be ready to use in a picture or card.