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Beach Sessions

Once every half-term we take a morning trip to Charmouth Beach. Some days everything flows and a session just comes together.  During a previous Beach session in the month of June.  The weather was ideal and everyone was soon busy.  The little rivulets flowing down to the sea were perfect for floating the boats made by the children.  Each child had the chance to make a boat from 3 corks, an elastic band, fabric triangle and cocktail stick.  The boats floated incredibly well and the children spent ages chasing them down towards the sea, picking them up and repeating the cycle.  The tide was out which revealed lots of little pools and made it perfect for exploring and paddling. 

What did they learn?  Well, we started off by floating the boats in the pools but the children quickly improved upon this by moving across to the rivulets.  The children could compare what the water was like in pools, in the rivulets and the sea itself.  They were able to see and experience water flowing (direction, depth and rate) and to see how things float.  A ‘hands-on’ activity has much more meaning for young children and they are more likely to absorb the learning and retain it for later.  There was lots of excitement and chatting as the children worked together co-operatively.

The children also used charcoal for ‘mark-making’ (drawing and early writing) on pebbles which were then arranged into a pattern and left on the beach, out of the reach of the sea. 

  • Visit the beach and make some sculptures or patterns out of driftwood, pebbles and seaweed. 

  • Take a kite – somewhere like Charmouth is ideal for flying kites.  For young children, the simpler the kite the better.  It doesn’t have to be a ‘lesson’ but use the chance to talk about what makes the kite fly